Project Restoration: Local Law Firm Undergoing Full Renovation

On the corner of Robinson and Garland street is a small two story building that has gone under some radical changes. Originally owned by the Women’s Trail Group, the building was purchased by another attorney. The enter interior of the first and second floors were torn down. The carpet was ripped out and replaced with dark wood flooring. Brick was purchased from an old torn down building in Chicago and used for the bottom floor wall.
Interior Lighting:

The Freedom Law Firm 32801
The original lighting was very dark and gloomy. Most of the lighted areas only occurred when the sun was hitting the office around 3pm. Not a incredibly pleasant work environment so everything had to go.
The lighting was replaced with fine chandelier decorations and overhead fluorescent bulbs. The bulbs in the chandelier were retrofitted with energy efficient LED lighting. Now when the lights are turned on, people in the office can actually see what they are doing.

Open Space:

The Freedom Law Firm Lobby at 133 W  Robinson St. 32801 phone -407-883-2618
Since the walls were torn down there was an issue with not having access to privacy for a conference room. The building is not very large so we wanted to utilize as much open space as possible. A large glass divider was installed with double doors that swing freely into the conference room.

The Orlando Foreclosure Attorney Office building 133 W Robinson St Orlando fl 32801


Edit: The Freedom Law Firm have since updated the exterior with all brick. Pictures coming soon.

Art around Lake Eola

Art around Lake Eola
Every weekend on Sunday, the farmers market opens up around lake Eola in Orlando Florida. Local farmers bring their locally grown crops to sell and artist set up tables to do the same. It’s open from 10am to 4pm and is located off of Osceola avenue and central avenue.

water fountain over lake eolatrees by lake eolaswans by lake eola

Orlando FL Art Center

Created in 2005, The Crossroads Arts Center has been a important part of Hettinger’s Main Street. Once an abandon bowling alley, dinner, and photograph studio, the Crossroads Arts Center has become a place for local artists to display and sell their work while allowing others to create their own. It took 26 volunteers to get the project un and running.
The art center features local and national creativity and spans across 3 countys including Orlando, the Space Coast, and Tampa

Any form of art goes.
Traditional Paintings, Sketches, woodcarving, pottery, photography, and even interior decorating.